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Garawol Woman Commits Suicide (See Basse News Section)

It is a very sad and horrible story. The trajectory of crimes in the Basse area is very alarming.

Now the question is what is our leadership going to do to stanch the bleed we in URR are encountering? I challenge our leadership such as our honorable Basse MP and, our own, the honorable Governor Omar Ceesay who are members of Friends of Basse to try and do something about this. We cannot idly let serious societal problems like this just vanish in the air and wait for another incident to happen and keep on calling it accidental. This is a problem and need immediate attention. I have heard and read so many horrific stories like this emanating from URR that are mind numbing to me. No interventions have been put forward that I know of. All I hear is the accused are facing the judiciary system for their wrong doing. This reactive intervention approach is not helpful in my opinion. We have to be proactive by putting in measures in preventing another live to be taken away from us.

Sorry for my venting. I just could not "shut up" without commenting and live a normal life.


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