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Re: Garawol Woman Commits Suicide (See Basse News Section)


You are right. We have seen many tragedies like this one come out of our beloved URR and reported here at this Bantaba. My heart aches whenever I read stories like this.

Something is not going right for some of our people.

Tackling tragedies like this needs us, the neighborhood, the community, and certainly the state (both the regional and national levels) to bring its weight to bear on social problems like this. A holistic approach is needed. Some massive government intervention is needed such as: Peer and group counselling, family life education, a heart-to-heart kind of dialogue among our people. But we need our government to lead on this. Better yet, we need our government to first recognize there is a problem here. Relying on legal solutions is necessary but not enough. Far from it.


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