Public Notice on BA Poll Updates

January 15th, 2010

Further to completion of recently conducted primary elections, prospective candidates for various positions have been identified. Some of them we talked to by conference call. Others we reached by personal phone and a few we could not reach. For wider membership information a complete list of candidates is now issued.
The process has been smooth and successful with total cooperation from everyone. We anticipate a very orderly elections and would like to add that whatever the final results, everyone is a winner as we all stand together developing the organisation and building the institution of B A into a sustainable social establishment for the collective good.
Basse Association Inc. (BA) Polling Officers: 
Haruna Farage, Wuyeh Yorro Sanyang, Ousman Kamara, Sarjo Bayang.


   List of Candidates

Jimmo Kijera
Pa Momodou L. Joof
Vice President  
Hassan Touray
Mamadou S. Jallow
Secretary General 
Momodou Billo Krubally 
Dawada Jallow
Maimuna Sey
Deputy Secretary General 
Aja Mariama Samasa Drammeh
Bakary M. Jallow
Basiru Suso
Ousman Jalloh
Chief Financial Officer 
Amadou B. Jallow
Amadou Tijan Jallow
Mamadou Salieu Jallow (UK)
Deputy Chief Financial Officer 
Alagie Sey
Alhagie M.S. Jabbie
Jacob Krubally Touray
Mamadou Jang Jalloh
Fund-Raising Officer 
Alh. Saibo Drammeh
Alpha Omar Jallow
Mariama Jallow
Mutarr Jallow 
Saidou Jallow
Sainey Jabbie
Public Relations Officer 
Bubacarr (Bukus) Jallow
Pa (Samba) Johm 
Project Manager 
Assan Jaiteh
Dawda Sankareh  
Filly Sabally
Mbye Saine
Sports & Cultural Officer
Bakary Trawally
Galo Touray 
Maju Bah
Ousainou Krubally


Statement from the Poll Officers

December 1st, 2009

Basse Association Inc. (BA) Executive Committee’s Elections

Further to preliminary consultations, the Poll Officers charged with duties to conduct Election of candidates to fill positions on Basse Association Inc. (BA) Executive body held a conference call on Sunday 29th November 2009. The conference was orderly and came up with modalities in developing appropriate instruments for a successful election due soon.

It has been agreed that dates for coming events regarding election of the Executive body be announced as follows:

1.       Nomination of prospective candidates to start Monday 7th December to end by Thursday 31st December 2009.

2.       Grace Period to facilitate further consultations to start on Friday 1st January through Thursday 7th January 2010.

3.       Declaration of Candidates by Friday 8th January 2010.

4.       Campaign to start by Friday 15th January 2010 through Sunday 7th February 2010.

5.       Voting proper begins Monday 8th February 2010 ending Monday 15th February 2010.

6.       Declaration of results on Tuesday 16th February 2010 and official inauguration on Thursday 18th February 2010.

If there are any queries, the Poll Officers will be happy to respond in your best interest and satisfaction.

Please note that the email account for the Poll Officers is All correspondences should be directed to this address. Thank you.

Poll Officers:

  • Sarjo Bayang - Chairperson
  • Wuyeh Sanyang - Moderator.
  • Haruna Farage - Constitutional consultant.
  • Ousman Kamara - Secretary.



Minutes of Poll Officers' Conference Call Held Sunday 29 November 2009

12/09/2009 02:15
Basse Association Official Elections ELECTION COMMISION MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: Sarjo Bayang   –     Chairperson Haruna Farage –    Constitutional Adviser Y0rro Sanyang –     Moderator Ousman Kamara – Commission Secretary AGENDA: (1) Commission’s Terms of Reference TOR (2) Mode of Nominations (3) Criteria for Selection of Candidates (4) Communication results for nomination and final Election Results (5) AOB The meeting started...

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