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Ramadan Project

Dear All,

About a week ago, some of our members came up with a great suggestion. They suggested sponsoring some sort of Ramadan “Iftar” know as “Huntari” in Fulani for the Basse community. The idea was forwarded to the executive and it was adopted at our meeting today, and hereby called “Ramadan Project”.

FoB is here by inviting everyone on this list, citizens and friends of Basse to join hands and make this project a success.

We have agreed to start collecting donations and hold a meeting on Sunday, June 9, 2013 to further discuss what type of help we can best render to the community. We already have a lot of suggestions ranging from distributing sugar to simply providing “Iftar” a few days during the Ramadan. Some have even suggested sponsoring this year’s “Lailatul Kadhir”. At the end, the amount of money collected will determine what we can do. This is why we are asking for everyone to consider donating something.

We have agreed to the following amounts according to regions. We encourage those of you that can donate more to do so and those that can’t afford the suggested amount to donate any amount they can afford. No amount is small.

Ladies and gentlemen, we all know how hard things are back home and there are families that have trouble feeding their loved ones especially during the holy month of Ramadan. We ask you to consider donating something to help our community, especially the needy families.

Suggested donation amounts are as follows:

United States (US) residence - $50

European Union (EU) residence - €40

United Kingdom (UK) residence - £30

Africa/Gambia residence - D100

Those interested in donating can either give it to someone that can forward it to FoB or simply deposit it in FoB Bank of America account. Kindly contact any of the executive members to forward you the account number.

Thank you in advance and we look forward to hearing from all of you. Remember, "Collectively, we can make a difference".

MB Krubally


Re: Ramadan Project

Hello FOB members and potential members, i am writing to notify you that collections on the Ramadan Project has already started. A week after the conference call members has started showing interest and ownership of FOB and its activities by responding quickly to its call for help towards giving back to our community during the Holy month of Ramadan.

So far members from NY and few other States has raised up to $300, this money will be deposited to the FOB bank account not later Tuesday 28th May 2013 as its in my possession, below is a list of those that has donated;

Sulayuman Jallow New York
Magidi Jallow Nebraska
Nuha Touray New York
Sellu Jallow Tennessee
Essa Jallow Kansas
Mamadou Korka Jallow New York

I will call on the others to act quickly as the earlier our donations come through the better it will in the decision making on what to be done for the "Iftar" (HUNTARI).

Thank you all in advance for your kind gestures


Re: Ramadan Project

Please join me in thanking everyone giving zakat for the Ramadan project. May God reward you for your good deeds and please, do spread the word about this endeavor to our brothers and sisters.

This whole project is reliant on your generosity to give charity (zakat) and be rest assured that all proceeds from this fundraising event will go towards the provision of Iftar "huntari". No funds from this appeal will go into the FOB coffers. Therefore, this is different from the membership dues and it is wholly reliant on our ability to give zakat in the time of need.

At the time of writing, the fundraising has gathered momentum and so far we have raised:

$500 from the US.

D6600 from the Gambia and Tanzania.

€90 and £30 from Europe and the UK respectively.

The total raised so far amounts to over D30, 000 at the current exchange rate.

A list of all the donors will be made available in due course. We also encourage anonymous donations from anyone wishing to donate and not have their name published in the spirit of zakat.

Anyone wishing to donate can contact any executive member for assistance. We will be collecting donations until Saturday, 8th June 2013.

All those wishing to donate in the Gambia can contact our Assistant Chief Financial Officer Filly Sabally or our Project Manager Kawsu Sillah in Basse.

Anyone in the US can pay into the FOB account with a reference of "Ramadan project". You can also liaise with any executive member or Mr Sulayman Jallow in New york.

Everyone in mainland Europe can pay into the FOB account in Holland or contact any executive member. Those in the UK can contact me for assistance or any other executive members.

Once again, very big thanks to all the donors and let’s spread the word to keep this momentum going.

The executive will be sending constant updates about the progress of this project.

Mamadou Salieu.

Finance team (FOB)


jarama FOB

am thankful for the post am getting from you guys am impress and i will do what it takes to make people aware what you are doing in my area.


Dialogue: Motivational Lectures for Basse Youths, etc.

Recently on the FoB Executive mailing list, Hassan Touray suggested the FoB start embarking on "motivational lectures" in Basse by some members of the organization. By motivational lectures, he means occasional speeches/presentations/dialogue with the youths of Basse on a number of topics/issues. The idea is to motivate our youths by hearing from folks who have done well in their professional and private lives.

Hassan's suggestion was unanimously supported; it also generated some new ideas off his proposal. We wanted to bring the discussion here so that our readers and general membership will have the opportunity to see the ideas/suggestions being ferried within the executive group. Just as, if not more, important, we wanted, by publishing the executive dialogue here, to create a bigger platform for more discussion on Hassan's suggestion and any other suggestions that may come about. Please feel free to contribute your thoughts on the aforementioned proposal and any other ideas you have as to how to move FoB's agenda in a better direction. Let's discuss.

First, read below the discussion prompted by Hassan's suggestion:


This is just an idea and am thinking at some point we should start conducting Motivational Lectures for the youths in our town. As we now have a batch of successful people within us who have different backgrounds I think such a program will benefit the youths immensely. One of the challenges will be to find the speakers for the program. Every year we have a lot of FoB members come for vacation and it will be nice to have them talk to the youths about a certain topic. We can even start using some of the folks here, for example, we can have Hamidou Jah conduct a motivation lecture on a theme such as "how to become a successful business person". This is just a thought but I think the earlier we can sensitize and empower our youths the better.

Hassan Touray

Mawdo Hassan,

This is an excellent idea and I squarely support it.
If it is well coordinated, we can have one of the many who will be inspired.

Haha... you will break the ice Mawdo Hassan. you are also another businessman but more so someone who has left the luxury back there in US to set up something here.. Those youths who, if not all, want to go the US or Urope would want to send you some tough questions as why you did that. Lol.

Let us hear what the rest think about it.

Mamadou Sellou Jallow

Good idea Hassan, if it goes well as planned many youths out there will come on board

Maimuna Sey

Another great idea to add on the list. Amadou please take note. Hassan like Armitage this, I am sure, will be received by the community and an excellent networking opportunity for the youth. Keep them coming.

MB Krubally


This will be one of the biggest initiatives the FoB will be undertaking to date. This should be part of the FoB agenda henceforth. I salute your suggestions!

If I may add, I would suggest also the area of public speaking to be a part of this program. Our schools and certainly remarkably our homesteads, do not encourage this in the young. This is why a lot of us can be shy and removed from human interactivity. This is noticeable in many a Gambian student who finds himself/herself in a classroom be it in America or elsewhere in the West. I, myself, was a victim, at some point, during the early days of my undergraduate studies. It requires a lot of mental fortitude and determination to cross that threshold.

Our families back home, as conservative as they are, do not encourage dialogue between young and old. When the elderly speak, you are required to be quiet. Or when they are in the house talking, you are required to leave or not come in. 'Yaltu, mawb'eng no yewtude' and stuff. This triggers confidence-building disinclination.

When FoB functionaries meet with the youth in town, be it in a town hall setting or any other public gathering, the initiative should also be geared towards building confidence in the youth, to be able to speak up as articulately as self-assuredly in private as well as in public. It will be a good training ground for future endeavors in educational and career pursuits. In this highly-competitive, global marketplace, personal poise is as important as any other determinant in one's pursuit of professional growth and development.

Cherno B. Jallow

Certainly! That's why the next executive meeting is very important. I am urging everyone to make it a priority; important issues will be discuss and decisions will be made. Please look out for the official invitation to the executive meeting later today or tomorrow.

Amadou Basiru Jallow


Another idea we need to put on the parking lot document is: we need to come up with a strategy to identify the smartest youths in URR . Once we identify the youths, we can group them together and help them on so many areas such as recruitment, scholarship , mentorship program, etc ... I know it will be a challenge, but is doable and there are a lot of youths with the highest IQ in our town .

Hassan Touray

Great idea, Hassan. I totally support it and I am sure when we put it on paper, U.S embassy, GIEPA, NEDI and ministry of Youth and Sports would be able to provide us technical and financial support. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Kawsu Sillah


Great idea. I think it is going to help revitalize the community again. Nasir Ahmadiya does a similar thing on a routine basis. I was once asked to do such a thing (even though I don't think I am near having anything that could inspire someone)at Nasir but I unfortunately declined because I was mourning my father's demise and was not inclined to doing that. I think that is a great thing to do. We need to learn from successful entrepreneurs like Hassan himself, Mr. Jah or even make travel arrangements for successful folks in the Kombos to do things like that for people down there.

Bakary Jallow

You making me LOL with 'Yaltu, mawb'eng no yewtude' and stuff. But I strongly concur with you, we all went through it and in this day in age, your poise, dress and confidence speaks volume. Maybe during this function we can inject a competition on public speaking. There are so many things we can do such as hosting a competition with youths coming up with best business innovative ideas. We can challenge them to come up with new inventions, you never know, we have brilliant kids in town.



Gambians and the Environment


That was a very informative and educative article. As someone who loves nature and natural environments, your article really hits a homerun.

We should all heed your call to keep the environment clean, by, among others, "picking up after ourselves."

I am also appealing to the Basse Area Council and other local organizations to help their communities take care of their environments: clean neighborhoods and outskirts; fresh vegetative covers and under-bushes. There is a lot to do for a green environment.

By protecting the environment, one is, by extension, protecting one's health. Health reasons aside, the environment has a historical value to you: I want to be able to visit my old haunts like Nature, along the Basse river, and other places in and around Basse that I used to hang out at. Those areas are seared in my memory. They are part of my Basse DNA. They hold historical as well as anthropological value to me. I will be sad to see them destroyed or replaced with other things of less natural value to me and to the future generations.

Let's us work harder to keep Basse and The Gambia clean. A clean, healthy environment is essential to a healthy livelihood.


Re: Introduction of New membership...

Thank you so much guys for your support. Once again congratulations to Sellu. May God the almighty continue guiding and blessing all of us. Amen.

This is a notable group. All the new members listed on Sulayman's posting are young adults. This is one of the exemplary features of Friends of Basse- people of different generations coming together to advance a common goal (i.e. to improve the town we all hold dear).

Let's continue the work. Our efforts will payoff. And. I am very sure others will join us along the way.

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