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Constitution  June 2009

DATE FOUNDED:            June 2006


HEAD OF ASSOCIATION:           Chairperson

DESIGNATION/TITLE:               Chairperson

ADDRESS:                                   SereKunda

1.0 Background information

Basse being the original home and birth place of all the Basse people living and working here in the Kombos, the idea and wish of uniting the people of Basse was and is still a major concern of all the Basse people living and working here as well as those living in Basse and elsewhere. The lack of a unified force is bitterly retarding our progress in all the sectors both here, back home and elsewhere in the Diaspora. It is believed that together we stand and divided we fall! The more we come together the stronger we will be! This will also help bring us closer to know each other more to build a stronger family. There are lots of projects and problems we can easily address when we are together and it will be much easier to develop our dear home as well as contribute meaningfully to all the developments taking place there. We can take the lead and create a wider network of all the Basse citizens wherever they may be for a closer and a smoother coordination, of our activities, developmental programs and general welfare.

2.0 Preambles

  1. Recognizing the effort made in the Creation in 1991 and 2006 of an association of Basse citizens living in the Kombos
  2. Considering the felt need amongst citizens of Basse resident in the Kombos to reorganize themselves under one umbrella
  3. Conscious that we have a collective responsibility to compliment government's effort in the development of our Mother land (Basse)
  4. Willing to harmonize action geared towards the formation and management of a sustainable umbrella association/organization

Here by resolved to come together to establish the Development Association of Basse Natives in the Kombos - (DABaNKo)

3.0 Vision:

To have a well functional association championing the cause of all Basse citizens for development.

4.0 Mission Statement:

To unite all Basse citizens living in the Kombos under one unified body for the betterment of both those living here in the Kombos, Basse and elsewhere.

5.0 Motto:

Unity for progress and development.

6.0 Objectives:

  1. To build the bridge between the people of Basse living in the Kombos, the Diaspora, in Basse and elsewhere and work towards the development of our dear Basse and the welfare of its citizens/people.
  2. To harmonise the efforts towards the sustainable development of Basse in particular and URR in general
  3. To promote mutual relationship with national, regional and international organisation that shares our ideals and values.
  4. To reclaim, promote and preserve the cultural heritage of Basse and its surrounding.
  5. To promote and preserve the health and environmental sanitation of the people of Basse.
  6. To contribute to the socio-economic and environmental development of Basse.

7.0 Membership

Membership is open to all Basse citizens, descendants and spouses, irrespective of their sex, age, and religious belief, ethnic or political affiliation. A non-refundable fee of D25.00 will be paid by all intending to be members and a monthly subscription of D10.00 to be paid during the monthly meetings.  

8.0 Guiding Principles of the Association

  1. The association is entirely a voluntary association.  
  1. It will operate here in the Kombos and in Basse and link with others elsewhere.
  1. It is purely a non-political Association 
  1. It will be purely a democratic association 
  1. It will be accountable and transparent 
  1. Gender mainstream shall be observed 
  1. It can be an auxiliary to central or local Government as well as other NGOs by collaborating on the development and implementation of any project for Basse.

9.0 Program Intervention Areas and Activities

  1. Social 
  1. Charitable 
  1. Developmental 

On Social aspects: This will be to help bring people closer through meetings, home visits, exchange of information and contacts, naming and wedding ceremonies,funerals,dispute resolutions and other functions. 

On Charitable aspects: This will be relating to organizing and giving support to members, citizens who are directly or indirectly affected with some kind of problems and other forms of disasters, sickness etc.

On Development aspects: This can be projects which improve and upgrade the livelihood of our people both here and back home. It can be in the form of training, structural development, recreational and environmental projects etc.

The executive shall comprise ten (10) members and all these members shall be elected at congress.

10.0 Composition of the Executive Committee 

  1. Chairperson
  2. Vice Chairperson
  3. Secretary General
  4. Assistant Secretary General
  5. Treasurer
  6. Social Secretary
  7. Assistant Social Secretary
  8. Public Relations Officer ( PRO )
  9. Assistant Public Relations Officer
  10. Auditor 

11.0 Powers and Duties of Executive

The Executive shall be responsible for the day to day running of the affairs of the association and shall appoint such committees as it deems necessary. They shall meet every fortnight, and shall have the powers to co-opt in any member to serve in any vacant position within the Executive.

12.0 Term of office

The executive committee shall serve an official term of two (2) years after which members shall be eligible to be voted in for a second and a final term for serving in the same position.

13.0 Functions of the Executive

  1. The Executive Committee shall be vested with the highest executive powers
  2. The Executive Committee shall be answerable to the general congress
  3. It shall design policies and guidelines for the administration of the association
  4. It shall have the mandate to take decisions on behalf of the association immediately congress closes and before the start of the subsequent congress.

14.0 Functions of the Executive Members

14.1 The Chairperson

  1. The Chairperson shall preside over all meetings of the Executive and the general meetings.
  2. Shall head the association on both policy and administration.
  3. shall be a signatory to all the accounts of the association
  4. Shall represent the association when and where necessary.
  5. Shall preside over congress.
  6. In consultation with the Secretary General shall summon a meeting of the Executive and the general body

14.2 The Vice-Chairperson

  1. Shall assume the responsibilities of the chairperson when and where necessary.
  2. shall be a signatory to all the accounts of the Association

14.3 The Secretary General

  1. Shall take charge of the secretariat and work closely with the Chairperson in the day-to-day running of the association.
  2. Shall take minutes during Executive and general meetings
  3. Shall prepare agenda both for the Executive and general meetings, in consultation with the chairman! Keep and circulate minutes of the meetings.
  4. Shall circulate agenda and minutes of the previous meeting a week before any meeting.
  5. Shall report to the congress on the activities and developments of the Association in consultation with the Chairperson.
  6. .Shall be responsible of the safe keeping of all the documents and files of the Association.
  7. Shall take up any duty or responsibility assigned to him/her by the Executive.

14.4 The Assistant Secretary General

  1. Shall assume the responsibilities of the Secretary General when and where necessary
  2. Shall take up any duty or responsibilities assigned to him/her by the Executive.

14.5 The Treasurer

  1. Shall be responsible of keeping records and presenting the audit and financial reports of the Association during congress.
  2. Shall advice the Executive on all financial matters
  3. Shall be responsible of the financial transactions of the Association
  4. Shall be responsible of the collection of registration fees, monthly subscriptions and other incomes of the Association.
  5. Shall be a signatory to all the accounts of the Association
  6. Shall appraise all budget
  7. Shall prepare vouchers for any payments that should be endorsed by the Chairperson.
  8. All expenditures prepared by the treasurer shall be scrutinized by the Chairperson and the Secretary General.

14.6a Social Secretary

  1. Shall head the social organising committee
  2. Shall organise all fund raising activities.
  3. Shall come up with programs or plans of activities for endorsement by the Executive.
  4. Shall be responsible for all social activities within and outside Kombo in consultation with the Executive.
  5. Shall prepare venues for meetings and programmes in consultation with the Executive.

14.6 b Assistant Social Secretary Social Secretary     

1.    Shall assume responsibilities of the Social Secretary when and where necessary.

2.    Shall take up any duty or responsibilities assigned to him/her by the executive.

3.    shall work hand in hand with the Secretary General

14.7A Public Relations Officer/ PRO

  1. Shall be responsible of any internal or external communications.
  2. Shall protect the integrity of the Association to the press/public
  3. Shall liaise with the Secretary General for any press release endorsed by the Chairperson.
  4. Shall be responsible of promotion and marketing of the Association.

14.7 B Assistance Public Relations Officer

    1. Shall assume responsibilities of the Public Relations Officer when and    where necessary.

    2.   Shall take up any duty or responsibilities assigned to him/her by the   executive.

   3.       Shall work hand in hand with the Public Relations Officer

14.8 The Auditor

The Auditor shall be over seeing and monitoring the accounts and financial matters made by the finance department or treasurer. He/She shall have access to all the books, records of the financial transaction made by the organization at any time they feel necessary, at least once a year

15.0 Convocation/Congress

  1. Congress shall be held every two (2) years
  2. The annual general meetings shall be charged with the responsibilities to review the progress of the proceeding year and adopt a work plan with the annual budget and programs for the following year.
  3. The Secretary General shall inform members of the Executive committee with a provision of the agenda of meetings at least ten (10) days before such meetings are held

16.0 Functions and Powers of the General Congress

  1. All registered members are entitle to attend
  2. The Executive Committee, upon prior consultations will identify the venue and a specific date of the general congress.
  3. The general congress shall be the highest decision making body of the Association
  4. It will have the right to dissolve or mandate the Executive to continue functioning.
  5. It will be in charge with the responsibilities of reviewing the work, programs and activities of the Association.
  6. It shall review and approve the financial and progressive report of the Association.
  7. It has the right to adopt or amend the constitution
  8. It shall also have the right to adopt any document dealing with the Association.

17.0 Elections and Voting

  1. Active members are those members who pay their dues and attend meetings regularly
  2. He /She must be an active member for at least two years in order to be elected.
  3. Elections of new Executives for the Association shall be conducted every two years, during the congress.
  4. All Executive positions shall be elected by the congress.
  5. Voting shall be done in a secret ballot
  6. Only active members shall be eligible to vote
  7. Nominated candidates must be seconded
  8. Election results shall be announced before the end of the congress.
  9. All eligible members for nominations shall have 75% of their dues paid
  10. All positions must be declared vacant before nominations.

18.0 By-Laws

  1. All members are required to attend meetings regularly.
  2. All members are required to pay their registrations and contributions regularly.
  3. The use of violence will not be tolerated.
  4. Dialogue should be the means of resolving to all conflicts or misunderstandings.
  5. All complains should be channelled through the Public Relations officer.
  6. No member is allowed to use the name of the Association for personal gains/matters.
  7. The by-laws are binding on all members of the Association.
  8. Any member found wanting will be forced to resign or expelled from the Association.
  9. Any financial mismanagement by any member of the Association, he/she will pay back the monies or legal action be taken to recover the said monies.
  10. Any member wishing to resign from the Association shall put it in writing and address it to the Secretary General and all properties of the Association must be surrendered.

19.0 Amendments

The constitution shall be amended by a two-third majority of the members present at a duly called meeting, provided notice of proposed amendment has been circulated to members at least one month before such a meeting.

In all matters arising concerning interpretation of these rules, the decision shall rest with the Executive.

Matters not explicitly covered by the constitution shall be decided by the Executive provided where appropriate, due consultation is made with the members through a general meeting.

20.0 Dissolution

In the unexpected and unlikely event of the dissolution of the Association, all financial and material resources of the Association shall be under the trusteeship of the Town Development Committee (TDC) of Basse, functioning NGO agreed by the general body.

This constitution was adopted by the general membership of the Development Association of Basse Native in the Kombos (DABaNKo) on the 3rd day of May Two Thousand and Nine (3rd/05/2009) at Kanifing


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Abdoulie Cham                                                                  Amadou Taal

Chairperson                                                                         Secretary General


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